‘Mount Rushmore’ : Items I Would Never Wear

I would like to think I have pretty wide-ranging versatility when it comes to fashion. Of course, I have developed a personal style with certain items I find favorable. However, my style continues to evolve as I become more knowledgable and introspective. As I become aware of what I like, I have become increasingly aware of what I don’t  like. There are simply some non-negotiable items of clothing that you will never see me wearing.


Gladiator Sandals

I have always hated gladiator sandals. Actually,  I dislike any sandals that wrap past mid-calf. Not flattering. Not cute. Not cool. They are seemingly choking your leg in some non-sexual BDSM. And not in a punk “a la Vivienne Westwood ‘Sex’ shop” way either. I find them an overly extravagant choice for a statement shoe. They are also impractical, as you can only wear them with garments that fall at or above the knee if you want to showcase them in full glory. No.



I tried out my first romper in a Target around the year 2011. Instant baby vibes. An uncomfortable feeling of constriction (not just from a wedgie). I felt like a different person, one I did not like so much. Maybe it’s the fact that most rompers consist of shorts and a short-sleeve or sleeveless top – which exudes more flirtatious feminine energy than I am comfortable with.



Fanny Packs

I wore a fanny pack in college once. It was a ‘thing’ during daytime parties where you were bound to lose all your belongings by 10am. I’m so glad this phase didn’t transcend past my freshman year (and neither did my fanny pack wearing). I think these are just way too trendy. It’s just too obvious and obnoxious. Especially when worn crossbody. The fanny pack trend has a swift domino effect and then everyone looks kind of dumb because… they’re wearing fanny packs.



Cowboy Boots

I know this one could spark debate. Don’t get me wrong. I think cowboy boots can be ultra cool when styled correctly. I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the construction of a quality boot. There’s also nothing like the enthusiasm of those that collect them. Cowboy boots are just… not for me. I was not made to wear them. I spent eight years of my life in Indiana around people who actually wore cowboy boots as part of their identity. I was not one of those people. The thought of wearing cowboy boots seems like a kind of twisted, harmless cultural appropriation. It just doesn’t settle with me. I would happily style a look with cowboy boots, but you will never catch me wearing them.


These items are solely my personal style choices and opinions! If you want to rock a romper with a fanny pack and a gladiator sandal on one foot and cowboy boot on the other –  go slay.

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