Inspiration: “Tight is Right” Nova Magazine


Nova Magazine is undoubtedly one of my favorite magazines that has ever existed. Part of me feels like a poser for revealing this, as I wasn’t even alive during its lifespan.  Regarless, the appreciation is real and the underlying messages are still relevant. The magazine had it all: rebellion and wit paired with progressive content and photography. Deemed “the new kind of magazine for a new kind of woman,” the publication was critical and conscious of the politics, culture, and societal expectations of the time. All while showcasing fabulous fashion (intelligence + awareness + fashion = life). My favorite photoshoot of all time is “Tight is Right” by Helmut Newton (1971).


This shoot brilliantly comments on the hypocrisy of social expectations while breaking the illusion of a dehumanized affluent class. I love the contrast between formality and savagery: women are both put together and disheveled at once.  No woman is prototypically sexual or happy. These women embody freedom – even if their outfits are constricting.


I look at this shoot every so often as a reminder to keep questioning  the role of a woman in society. It is absolutely important that fashion continue to comment on current political and societal occurrences. Of course, it is best done with humor and excellent clothes.

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