Inspiration: Norah Borges


In the spirit of feminism, I feel it important to highlight the beautiful, delicate artwork of Norah Borges which became overshadowed by the fame of her brother – literary great Jorge Borges (don’t get me wrong, Jorge Borges’ success is deservingly so). However,  Norah Borges’ work and innovation alone make her of note.


Borges, native of Argentina, served as one of the female pioneers in modern art. Specifically, she was one of the first to illustrate the growing affluent culture in Buenos Aires at the time.


Besides feeling inspired by this ‘girl power’ moment of the 1920s, I find the pastel coloring of Borges’ work remarkable when thinking of an idyllic spring palate.  Her work makes me want to jump into a painting, put on a soft peach linen gown, and sit under a tree while contemplating life’s permanent ennui.


Borges uses a minimal amount of colors – just slight changes in tone. I find these varied muted pastels inspiring in creating new versions of a tone on tone / monochromatic look this spring.



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